What is probiotic?

According to some views, bacteria were created around the world 3.5 billion years ago. They are the most widely spread micro organisms on Earth. As the world continues, they play a major role in this process.

Probiotic bacteria are useful stabilizing and cleansing bacteria that neutralize pathogenic (harmful) bacteria that stabilize the microflora.

Humans disrupt the natural balance of bacteria by using aggressive chemical products. This leads to an increase in many diseases and the emergence of new diseases.

To reduce the risk of illness, biological balance is needed. Since the environmental contamination process is continuous, it is partly possible to produce a biological cleaning process. By using probiotic products in everyday life in every home and workplace, we can create biological balance in our home and around us.

Because probiotics (beneficial bacteria) in combination of these products reduce the number of (harmful) food of pathogenic bacteria, thus reducing their number in a biological way. And by using these products, you can provide a safe, clean and healthy living area in your own home and surroundings.