What is probiotic?
Probiotics are cleansing and stabilizing microorganisms that are beneficial for humans, animals and the environment. Probiotics are indispensable friends in our habitats, body, skin.
Effect of Probiotic Products

They contain effective probiotic bacteria, provide permanent cleaning and have a protective effect for human health.
Probiotic products are new generation cleaning products containing good bacteria instead of ‘bad microorganisms’ such as Salmonella, E. coli, Staphylococcus, Clostridium.

How to Probiotics Clean?
  • During the cleaning process with Probiotic Health products, most of the pathogenic bacteria are removed by physical means as in the normal cleaning state.
  • Innovative aspects of probiotic cleaning products; immediately after cleaning; A good layer of bacteria is placed on treated surfaces (floors, walls, furniture, beds, plumbing …).
  • Probiotic bacteria cover almost the entire area, consuming organic food in the environment, so that no new harmful micro-organisms will be available and the habitat will not be created.
Are probiotic products disinfectant?

No, probiotic products have no direct biocidal effect on other bacteria. Therefore, they do not cause resistance between pathogenic microorganisms.

Where can healthy cleaning products with probiotics be applied?

Wherever human health is based, it can be applied in all health institutions, especially in hospitals, units with weak immune systems and everywhere having pathogen problems. It can be used in schools, kindergartens, retirement homes, sports centers, food industry, agriculture and animal husbandry, swimming pools, aquariums, home offices etc.

Is it necessary to disinfect after using probiotic cleaning products?

No, no more disinfection is necessary since the best results are obtained with the cleaning products with probiotics. If some conditions require disinfection (eg: room contaminated with MRSA), we recommend probiotic cleanliness immediately after disinfection to stabilize the bacterial flora.

Are probiotic cleaning products reliable?

By their biological nature, probiotic products are completely safe, environmentally friendly and harmless. No protective clothing is required and has no adverse effect on contact with bare skin. Additional information about the security aspects of our products can be found in the downloadable MSDS files for each product.

What happens when I stop using probiotic cleaning products?

Probiotic bacteria in probiotic products colonize the environment and form a balanced and healthy flora. Probiotics They continue their activity for a few days, but often “fresh” probiotic bacteria are needed to achieve optimal results. We do not recommend an interruption for more than 3 days.

What are the consequences of overdosing products?

Intensive use of probiotic products will produce a better number of probiotic bacteria on the treated surface. This will result in more pronounced beneficial and long-term effects.

With probiotics What are the optimal storage conditions for healthy cleaning products?

Considering the presence of probiotic bacteria in the products,
Storage between + 5 + 40 ° C is recommended. Avoid direct sunlight.


Each surface contains biofilms, which are the accumulation of microorganisms brought together by a highly stable matrix of organic compounds such as proteins and exoplyacid carites. This biofilm provides the ideal environment for the growth of unwanted bacteria. Biofilm acts as a shield for these bacteria in the outside world.

As a result, cleaning and disinfection cannot prevent bacteria from being stored in the biofilm. Probiotic cleaning products work by using a combination of environmentally friendly detergents, enzymes and probiotic bacteria to remove surface dirt, eliminate biofilms and thus reduce the risk of infection. Probiotic bacteria will take up space on the surface and detect and consume food (dirt) on that surface. The composition of probiotic bacteria is brought to a level where activity in the temperature, pH and humidity range is guaranteed. Probiotic products through the production of enzymes in place receive effective deep microscopic cleaning.