1. Prowill may use the information collected from registered and guest users who visit the Web Site to conduct any analysis. Prowill may share this information with its partners. However, email and other personal information will not be shared with any business partner, company, organization or other organization without the user’s consent.

2. Prowill will not collect any personally identifiable information about you (eg name, address, telephone number, or e-mail address) (‘personal information’). If you provide personal information, Prowill will store it for future use, such as marketing, market research, tracking sales information, and contacting you. If you provide us with personal information that is not requested by you, you consent to our use of this information as specified on this site.

3. Prowill will only disclose your personal information to third parties in the following legal situations and legal procedures. a.) in case of a written request from the legal authorities b.) in order to protect and defend Prowill property rights c.) in accordance with the rules you accept in the terms of use

4. The information collected by Prowill is stored in a non-public secure environment. Prowill uses every industry standard to protect information in the environment. However, it cannot guarantee security issues.

5. In some cases, non-personal information may be collected. This type of information as an example of the type of internet browser you use, your operating system, the link to our site or the domain name of the site can be given by advertisement.

6. Information may be placed on your computer when you visit the site. This information will be in a cookie format or similar file and will help us in several ways. For example, cookies will allow us to tailor sites and ads to your interests and preferences. In almost all Internet browsers, there are options to delete cookies from your hard disk, to prevent them from being written or to receive warning messages before they are saved. For more information, please refer to your browser’s help files and usage information.

7. Your IP address is used to keep the Web site and our servers running, managing and solving problems. Your IP address is used to identify you.

8. This Website provides links to other websites. Privacy Policy is only valid within this Web Site and does not cover other web sites. Privacy Policy and Terms of Use of these websites are valid for use in other web sites that will be accessed via link from this website. It is recommended that you find and read the Privacy Assurance and Terms of Use texts of the other websites that you link to from this Web Site.

9. Prowill reserves the right to change any information contained herein. By using this site, you are deemed to have accepted any and all changes and changes to this ‘Privacy Assurance’. If you indicate that you do not accept the legal responsibilities contained in this text, do not use this Web Site.