There are a wide range of pathogenic bacteria. These harmful bacteria cause various health problems in humans. Some species are Clostridium difficile, E. coli, Enterococcus, Legionella, Listeria, Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA-HOSPITAL MICROBU) and Streptococcus. Antibiotics and disinfectants have been extensively used to protect against these micro-organisms, as these methods have been found to be insufficient against pathogens that change format continuously by improving the immune system and even increase their side effects. In this process, we started to offer probiotic cleaning and hygiene products based on the new cleaning technology that people need with the prowill brand. In many countries are increasing their activities with specialized staff started to be used in the development of probiotic cleaning and personal care products for use at turkey with prowill name başlanmıştır.prowill innovative sustainable cleaning and hygiene solutions. Prowill proposes an innovative and sustainable solution to the resistance problems of harmful bacteria with probiotic cleaning and hygiene products.

Probiotic bacteria have been used in many hospitals and a strong micro flora has been found in the environment. Probiotic products have been successfully applied in more than 50 countries since its introduction and have been used in many areas; – hospitals, schools, nurseries, retirement homes – sports clubs, hotels, food industry, wellness centers, public buildings, houses offices …


The purpose of this study is to provide microbial cleaning by forming bacterial flora with probiotics due to the lack of sterilization in the cleaning environments and the lack of desired cleaning. The desired healthy and sustainable cleaning can only be achieved by means of probiotics. Probiotics are safe and beneficial bacteria that have been known and used in the food and health industry for many years because of their beneficial and protective properties for human and animal health. All probiotic products contain probiotic bacteria as an important component with unique characteristics of sporulation. This process allows these bacteria to survive in harsh conditions and regain their effectiveness as environmental parameters improve. Probiotic cleaning products are healthy cleaning products, not disinfectants.

With the use of aggressive chemicals and disinfectants in cleaning, the majority of both beneficial and harmful bacteria die. In this way, the conditions that cause the growth of the defense system and the growth of the pathogens (harmful bacteria) remaining in the amount or new ones in a very short time and after the cleaning and disinfection process are carried out. conditions for colonization. After disinfection, the number of pathogenic microorganisms increases rapidly, so the effect of disinfection is very short and unstable. The pathogens gain more resistance after each cleaning and improve their defense systems.

Disinfection / chemical cleaning: Çok sayıda patojenden kaynaklanan risk – Kısa ve bölgesel  etki – Direnç sorunları – Zararlı / tehlikeli ürünler – Kimyasal / çevreye  zararlı – Agresif kimyasallar

Probiotic cleaning: Constantly low number of pathogenic bacteria + Long-term cleaning effect + Reduction of the number of pathogens (harmful) and breaking resistance + Harmful / safe products + Biological / environment friendly + Neutral composition

During the probiotic cleaning process, the probiotic bacteria layer settles on the surface being cleaned and spreads quickly to the environment. they consume all remaining food resources, leaving nothing behind for potential pathogenic (harmful) invasive bacteria seeking food. Because probiotic bacteria remain active for several hours or days, they provide healthy, long-lasting cleaning and micro-biological results.

. Given the minimum frequency of application, the products will replace pathogenic bacteria, which will provide a balanced and healthy microbial environment (such as hospitals). Since pathogenic microorganisms cannot resist probiotics, probiotic cleaning products provide a sustainable solution to the problems associated with various hospital bacteria. As a result, probiotic cleaning brings, above all, an innovative and efficient hygiene concept in any sustainable healthcare facility.

A: Biofilm formed by normal surface and pathogenic bacteria

B: Surface after chemical cleaning / disinfection; robust biofilm

C: complete disinfection of biofilms by cleaning with disinfectants and enzymes

D: Two weeks after the surface was cleaned with probiotic cleansers, the biofilms formed by pathogenic bacteria were cleaned and the surface was cleaned from harmful bacteria.

Environmentally safe probiotic cleansers The combination of enzymes and probiotics prevents the formation of any biofilm and ensures that the surface remains clean, significantly reducing the formation of harmful bacteria.

As a result of cleaning with disinfecting fectants in the above examples (upper picture), after 3 hours, harmful bacteria increased their number by forming a population again.

Probiotic cleaning products are the most extensively researched cleaning products in the world in terms of both safety and performance.

Regarding safety; Bacterial fermenters used in probiotic products:

    • Classified by the American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) as biological safety level 1
    • Listed in ATCC bank of natural origin
    • Not genetically modified (not GMO bacteria)
    • The OECD has been screened and approved by externally accredited laboratories.
    • No skin sensitivity
    • No oral poisoning
    • No eye irritation
    • US FDA
    • Food grade organisms according to AAFCO
    • European Food Safety Agency
    • Qualified Safety Mix




Probiotic cleaning products are essential for human and animal health and ecological balance. They are very effective in preventing infectious diseases caused by harmful bacteria in hospitals in living areas. The safety of an environment or health institution depends largely on the microbial purity of the environment, and these products minimize the risk of cross-contamination with microbes.

It benefits everyone.

The positive results of probiotic cleansing in the health sector are clearly visible at the hospital level first and are beneficial in the recovery of normal disease without the risk of complications due to hospital harmful bacteria.

However, numerous advantages can be listed:

    • Reliability of health personnel due to low risk of infection
    • Due to the neutral biological composition of the products, it provides safe use to cleaning personnel and does not cause skin, eye and respiratory irritation compared to other cleaners.
    • The products prevent degradation of the biological balance and are environmentally friendly. It prevents the accumulation of bacteria resistant to disinfectants.

The economic advantages of great importance are:

    • Hospital saves money by reducing overall cleaning and disinfection costs
    • Patients no longer suffer from an increased health bill due to complications
    • It significantly reduces the state’s health care costs. Serious savings can be achieved in the health sector by cleaning with probiotics.


Hospital saves money by reducing overall cleaning and disinfection costs
Patients no longer suffer from an increased health bill due to complications
It significantly reduces the state’s health care costs. Serious savings can be achieved in the health sector by cleaning with probiotics….

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