Those who use probiotic products and experts should know something...

Allergy Patient Nilay Güler’s comments after using our Prowill Anti Allergy Product:

A clean and healthy world Probiotic ANTI-ALLERGY SPRAY:

Facts about probiotic bacteria.

Effects of probiotics against hospital microbes.

Good bacteria (probiotics) make healthy buildings.

How Bacteria Dominate Your Body – Microbiome

“I’ve been smoking for forty-five years. I couldn’t sleep at night due to the problem of breathing congestion, I’ve been sleeping more comfortably every night since I used the allergy relief spray, and I wake up fresher in the morning, I’m very satisfied.”

Selahattin K. / Self-employment

“Since I use probiotic products, my house cleaning is more permanent and long-lasting. In my house, the contamination process is delayed.”

Sude H. / Housewife

“I use probiotic cleaning products for my pets at home, whenever I stop using probiotic cleaning products, their animals start to get sick. These products are great”

Çiğdem A. / Housewife

“Since I used probiotic anti-allergy spray on recommendation, the rate of getting sick in my children has decreased and they breathe freshly. All mothers can use this product with their children with peace of mind, I recommend it.”

Ayşe D. / Private Sector

“Since I used probiotic cleaning products, I got rid of the chemical smell and my house smells more fresh, these products offered me a practical and quick cleaning understanding.”

Melike H. / Housewife

“Since using probiotic cream for about 1 month without using any other cream, acne on my skin has decreased, wrinkles have started to go away. I am very pleased, my skin is recovering very quickly. It’s like a miracle!..”

Hatice A. / Housewife

“Düzenli olarak probiyotikli duş jeli kullanıyorum ameliyat yaralarımda çok hızlı iyileşmeler gördüm doktor bile şaşırdı..”.

Semih S. / Architect

“There was a musty smell in my office. My experiments with many products were inconclusive. Since using products with probiotics, I have completely gotten rid of the musty smell.”

Ümit Ş. / Private Sector

“I have COPD, I couldn’t breathe at night, since I use the probiotic spray, I can sleep comfortably at night, I can breathe.”

Ahmet T. / Private Sector

“I have lymph cancer, my lymph nodes have started to work since I used probiotic shower gel.”

Mehmet. A. / Private Sector

“My wife had a fungus on her skin, since she used Prowill probiotic products, the fungal problem went away.”

Evin hanım / Public Employee

“I was allergic to chemicals and could not use them. I was very happy with these products, now I do my cleaning with non-chemical probiotic products”

Füsun hanım / Housewife